Longitudinal Dsaw pipes

The double submerged arc weld (DSAW) process is similar to that of the ERW process in that coils of carbon steel are unrolled in a continuous ribbon. As the DSAW method of manufacturing is typically used for larger diameter pipe, the method of roll forming the skelp is similar to but not exactly like that of ERW. DSAW pipe is typically either pyramid rolled (three angled OD rolls in the shape of a pyramid form the pipe) or rolled using the U-O-E process (skelp is first subject to a "U" shaped press, followed by a "O" shaped press) or the 3 roll bending process or the J-C-O- E process. The most prominent difference between ERW and DSAW carbon steel pipe is the longitudinal weld. The DSAW arc weld is submerged in a flux to keep the weld from being exposed to ambient contaminants. Also, both the OD and the ID of the pipe are welded, separately . DSAW carbon steel pipe is easily distinguishable due to its prominent and consistent ID and OD weld seam. Common DSAW specs include; API5l, A252, and A139 ASTM. The said pipes are generally used for cross country transportation of oil , Gas , water etc. The pipes are also further coated for corrosion protection with 3 Layer polyethylene externally or Polypropylene , and internal coated with epoxy lining or Fbe coating as per requirement of the client specifications.

Pipe Size from 16 inches to 60 inches.

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