ERW pipes

ERW pipes are Electric Resistance welded pipes . coils of steel are leveled and fed down a line of forming rolls, the skelp are not heated and the longitudinal weld is created by way of an electric current. The weld is then electronically inspected for defects, normalized so as to maintain consistency with the rest of the steel, and cooled.. ERW pipe holds much tighter tolerances and maintains surface and wall consistency much more than seamless carbon steel pipe. ERW pipes are supplied either in bare or coated condition of galvanizing or 3 LPE coating, internal epoxy lining etc as per customer requirements Common ERW specs include; API5LB, A53, and A500. We Cater to all National and International Specifications .Contact us for your next requirement of ERW pipes.

Pipe size from 1/2 inches to 24 inches

Catering to all National and international specifications. Contact us for your next requirement of ERW pipes .