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It is said that the sound of AUM includes the entire process of sound and all other sounds are included within it.
Therefore, Om is called the seed sound (bija), the original sound from which all other sounds and worlds come from.
This is why Om is said to represent God, Brahman, Source, Universal Consciousness.


To be one of the top most service provider and consulting organisation in the piping and plastic industry.


To provide end to end consultation to engineering , construction companies , pipeline operators in the oil , gas , power and water segment.

To provide services through expediting , inspection and co-ordination for companies sourcing their piping materials from India.

Representing international organisations in expanding their market in India.

Providing consultation and services to manufacturers wanting to export their products.

Providing services by supply of molds for the plastic industry.

Providing services by supplying finished goods in plastics.

Who are we?

Om consultants India is an organisation which has been formed by Mr.Nandakumar Krishnan who has a vast experience for more than 30 years into marketing and exports of M.S.Pipes, Submerged Arc welded pipes (large & small diameter) to major Oil & Gas , Engineering and Construction companies , Power and Water bodies. A post graduate in Management studies with specialisation in International Marketing .

Mr. Krishnan has formed the current organisation to provide his expertise to International and Domestic organisation and give value addition to organisation at the least cost . His integrity and commitment with responsibility has won many laurels with organisation with whom he has been associated.

Supply & Services

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Sourcing of plastic molds

The manufacturing facilities are well equipped with advanced tool room machinery,together with proven track record and highly trained personnel.We supply high precision molds that meet the requirement of best quality standards and will provide trouble free mold life over a long period of time. The quality is never compromised starting from material selection,design,machining and trials. We ensure the customer gets the best quality molds,our technician inspects the quality at various level to achieve same. Our quality assurance department is equipped with with widest range of precision intruments to carry out the require inspection.

Supply of finished products for export in bulk quantity

We cater to finished products for export in bulk quantity. Finished goods can be made to the requirement of the customer as shown below:

Trading Of Products

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